Why Hire a Dedicated Buyer’s Agent

When you have a special legal need, or a medical need, you go to a specialist.  Why? Because a specialist is typically more highly educated and experienced than a ‘generalist’.Less than .01% of Real Estate Agents in Kansas City are specialists in working with Buyer’s on an exclusive basis. Few, have my 17+ years of experience and credentials. There are other agents who act sporadically as either a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent but rarely as an Exclusive Buyer's Agent who only works with buyers and does not list homes for sale. I  assist Kansas City area home buyers find and buy value priced homes for sale and give home buyers access to  ALL of the resources and information that they need in order to make good real estate decisions, because that's the key to finding the right home & getting the best price.Most real estate agents represent sellers by listing properties for sale. So, when you see a property for sale and want to get more information, you are likely contacting the seller's real estate agent, who will try to sell you their listing for as much money as possible & with as little information as possible, because that's what the seller hired them to do.Instead of getting information from listing/seller's agents, my clients want the services and skills of an Exclusive Buyer’s agent and seek out my services to assist them (at no cost to them) with their home purchase.  The informed home buyer understands that it is in their best interest to have their own representation.  You always make the best decisions with the most information. Be careful about who you are getting information from..... Is it the Listing/Seller's agent or a Buyer's Agent?You deserve the services of an Exclusive Buyer's Agent to represent YOU in your next home purchase.  I am licensed in Kansas and Missouri. Call, text or email me today! Tonya Gamble913-730-0072Tonya@TheGambleTeam.com